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What is Ostomy? - Define Ostomy.

An ostomy is a surgical procedure that creates an opening in the body to redirect the elimination of urine or stool. The ostomy procedure creates a stoma, the medical term for the end point of the organ that was operated on, which protrudes through the abdominal wall. Specific procedures have specific names, ostomy being the general term. A colostomy refers to the opening of the colon, an ileostomy to the opening of the small intestine, and urostomy to the diversion of urine. Sometimes an ostomy is temporary; in other cases, it’s permanent. To better help patients manage the physical changes that result, ostomy systems have been developed to help you more easily and confidently address your daily care needs. Continue to read about ostomy supplies below, begin shopping for specific items using the navigation bar to the left, or simply click a picture of an ostomy product to get started.

What are Ostomy Supplies?

Ostomy supplies are the medical products that allow people to care for their ostomy after this surgical procedure. An ostomy system is typically composed of a pouch for collecting stool or urine and a skin wafer that protects the stoma opening and surrounding skin. Ostomy systems are available as one-piece and two-piece systems. A one-piece ostomy system consists of an ostomy pouch and an ostomy skin wafer designed as a single unit. In such a system, the entire unit is changed each time the pouch must be changed and it’s typically easier to manage. A two-piece ostomy system revolves around interchanging pouches that lock onto a skin barrier that continually stays attached to the skin. This system allows the user to easily empty or replace a pouch without having to adjust the skin wafer. In addition to ostomy systems, related ostomy supplies are available to make the process even easier and more effective.

Ostomy Products

Ostomy products cover a wide range of items beyond ostomy pouches and skin barriers. Ostomy deodorants and decrystalizers are available to neutralize odor. Ostomy garments are designed hold ostomy systems in place and make them less noticeable and more discreet. An extensive line of skin-friendly pastes, adhesives, powders, wipes, clamps, and other accessories are also available to do jobs such as protecting skin, achieving a better seal, and removing adhesive residue when the skin barrier needs to be changed. You’re sure to find the right ostomy system and related products for your individual needs. Begin searching for your perfect ostomy supplies today!